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Garden Water Features

Nothing relaxes the mind more than soft running water so why not incorporate a water feature into your garden design?  Natural garden ponds, small pebble fountains, patio water features or even bird baths can all bring your garden to life, whilst creating a great focal point and supporting local wildlife.

Garden ponds

From large formal ponds, natural ponds or just carrying out remedial work on your existing pond we can fulfil your requirements.

Water pumps can be supplied and installed, as can pond covers, durable pond netting and metal grilles; whilst safety is always of paramount importance so is keeping pond predators and debris at bay!

Once a pond has been created, paving slabs, crazy paving or the positioning of boulders, rockery stones or pebbles can be placed around the edge of the pond.  Marginal and pond plants can be added to the water to soften and enhance the overall look.

Water features

Water features can enhance and transform any outdoor space and can range from slate balls and monoliths to contemporary stainless steel designs.  As the majority of water features are self-contained they require very little maintenance making them perfect for almost any garden.  There is a huge range of water features available on the market, the hardest decision is choosing one...

Rockery stones, boulders and slate monoliths can be used in conjunction with your water feature to add dimension and individuality.

Please contact us if you have a project in mind, we'd be happy to help.