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Walling & Terracing

Rosie Landscapes offers a full hard landscaping service which includes all brickwork, natural stone walls, rendering, the building of retaining walls, terracing, garden walling, raised planters and built-in barbeques. These are just some of the elements that can be successfully incorporated into your garden design.

Garden terracing & retaining walls

Walling and terracing can enhance any landscaping project as they add real height and interest to an otherwise flat garden area. The use of terracing in a back garden creates usable space where there was once none.

Whilst a sloping garden with different levels can be visually interesting, retaining walls are now a popular choice.  Retaining walls enable an awkward, sloping area to be 'split' into two or more level areas turning them into flat usable spaces.  We have carried out a number of projects within a 20 mile radius of Fleet, Hampshire where sleepers have been used to retain soil to make terracing possible.


When considering using brickwork in a garden, we would always try to match the existing brick as closely as possible to complement the style and architecture of the property itself.  We are able to source both reclaimed and specialised bricks, such as half moon or cant bricks, to ensure that the integrity of the project is maintained. We would be more than happy to supply samples of new bricks beforehand to ensure that you are happy with our choice.


Rendered surfaces are becoming more popular as clients can choose to paint both walls and raised planters in a wide variety of colours to reflect both their personality and the 'flavour' of the garden. A contemporary feel can be achieved with rendered walls by the use of simple symmetrical walling, coupled with minimal planting.

K-Rend is also a popular choice of render as its silicone technology delivers water repellency to the render surface, providing a durable waterproof coating in a natural finish.  Quotations can be provided for different finishes if required.   

Natural stone walls

Should you wish to incorporate walls into your garden but are after a more natural look simple, low, retaining dry-stone walls could be the choice for you.  Not only does the construction of the walls take a natural approach but enables plants to be inserted into pockets to create 'living' structures.

Please contact us if you have a project in mind, we'd be happy to help.